Øyna Hotel

An underground hotel & its unique tech requirements

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Situated at the top of Inderøy with stunning views of the Trondheim Fjord, Norway, you will find Norway’s first cultural landscape hotel – Øyna. This hotel’s architecture is simply jaw-dropping. It incredibly integrates into the surrounding landscape as it’s built under the ground, and the surrounding green warmly covers its roofs.

Øyna features accommodation in 18 spectacular rooms incorporated into the hill, a wonderful restaurant, Viking inspired banqueting venue, meeting and event facilities, and outdoor activities suitable for all ages.

The hotel is part of Den Gyldne Omvei – the Golden Road – a collaboration between various vendors within the local tourist industry.

With its unique construction, Øyna brilliantly frames the panoramic views of the Trondheim Fjord and the Fosen Alps for all its guests. Each room has large windows and private balconies and the rooms hang out over the landscape giving you a floating feeling.

Stora Hotellet


Having an experienced tech supplier on board from early on in the process for such a special project was key in providing a good opportunity to tailor the systems and the hotel to the founders’ vision. In addition, the hotel wanted to deal with a single vendor for all systems in order to have accountability resting with a single point of contact.

They also wanted a dedicated support team and a close relationship with a local sales manager to ensure easy communication.
In order to be able to realize the concept of a landscape hotel, preserve its surroundings and also attracting guests, and ensuring a great guest experience, the hotel was in need of a vendor well-experienced within the hotel industry as this was a new industry for the owners to dive into.


Øyna selected several solutions provided by Hoist Group.

HotSoft PMS together with Hoist Booking Engine were deployed at the core of the hotel’s operations. Hoist Guest Internet was a natural choice to ensure reliable and high-speed WiFi connectivity. They also installed Hoist Smart Locks with RFID technology to provide for a secure and comfortable stay.

HotSoft PMS

Hoist Smart Locks

HotSoft PMS

Hoist Mobile Key

HotSoft PMS

HotSoft PMS


HotSoft PMS

Hoist Guest Internet


Hoist Booking Engine

HotSoft PMS

Hoist Interior Products


Frode Sakshaug, owner, and general manager at Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell, said: “Considering that this was the first time we have done this, it was an easy choice when it came to selecting a vendor. Hoist Group was able to provide us with everything we needed. Our communication with the sales representatives has been very good, and they have been there for us whenever we needed them.  There have been some challenges along the way, especially at the start when the pandemic kicked in, but everything has been resolved swiftly and we are very pleased with the fantastic service received from the support team at Hoist Group.

Daniel Gustafsson



Norwegian guests can be demanding. They are used to expecting technology and high levels of comfort. So it was very important to be able to meet all these expectations at Øyna.

They are avid travelers who are accustomed to making their own bookings. Øyna’s deployment of Hoist Booking Engine has made it possible to offer these guests a simple and seamless booking process. The integration with HotSoft PMS makes sure the online bookings are automatically updated in the booking system in real-time, making it easy for the staff and the management to efficiently monitor and manage. HotSoft PMS has a range of features making the daily operation easy; for example, it offers an extensive report feature that allows the hotels to tailor the report elements.

Øyna’s team is future-oriented anyway, plus the added boost from the pandemic has also accelerated the need for contactless solutions. When it comes to WiFI, Hoist Guest Internet is delivering on guests’ demands for a high-speed reliable network. It also comes packed with hotel industry-specific features and a great amount of room to customize. For example, it offers a mini-website which allows guests to find all the necessary hotel information for their stay, such as opening times for the restaurant, activities in the area, and so on, without having to queue at the reception.


The hotel also deployed Hoist Smart Locks with RFID technology for all their rooms, to provide for a secure and comfortable stay. These locks are Hoist Mobile Key ready, which allows guests to download an app on their mobile and use this as a room key – a contactless solution that also gives access to other facilities that the hotel permits them to use.

Adding luxurious hotel beds and minibars from the Hoist Interior Equipment line, the guests can sleep comfortably as well as keeping their own food and drinks cold, and Øyna can truly offer a superior guest experience.

Hoist Group is proud to have an innovative and exciting hotel such as Øyna Kulturlandskapshotell as a customer. We will do our best to nurture this relationship and look forward to seeing where this journey might take us!

Photos: Håvard Løberg / Stokkan Lys og Interiørfoto
Lights design: Stokkan Lys

"Considering that this was the first time we have done this, it was an easy choice when it came to selecting a vendor. Hoist Group were able to provide us with everything we needed."
Frode Sakshaug
Owner and GM