Okko Hotels Group


Okko Hotels group was founded by Olivier Devys who wanted to create a modern, upscale, and an authentic hotel group where the customer would be at the focus. In 2008, after fifteen years with the Accor Group, he decided to launch his own hotel chain – Okko Hotels! In order to accompany him in this beautiful project, Paul Dubrule, co-founder of the Accor Group, contributed his expertise and financial support.

The first Okko Hotel opened its doors in 2014 in Nantes. Today the group has 10 hotels spread across several French cities including Paris, Grenoble, Lyon, Cannes, Bayonne, Strasbourg, Biarritz, and Toulon. Two additional hotels are under construction in Lille and Nice and are scheduled to open soon.

At Okko, guests are offered consistent experience across the chain. They are all four-star rated, lifestyle hotels, located in city centers. Rooms are decorated in contemporary designs and common areas that are called the “Club”, are open 24 hours a day, for guests as well as external clients. Okko’s hotels are known for their excellent value for money.

Okko Group

Solenne Devys, Deputy General Manager at Okko Hotels Group, commented: “We nurture our staff from early days in a very unique way.  The welcome experience of guests is something that sticks in their minds, so we train our staff to pay a lot of attention on making it special.


Technology has been a key part of Okko’s plans right from the beginning. However, learning from experience, they were keen on insisting that all the pieces of technology in their hotels were fully integrated solutions. They didn’t want their staff to spend their time on filling the gaps in their technology portfolio.

Solenne Devys explained: “Our staff has a single focus – our guests’ experience at our hotel. However, when systems are not fully integrated, the staff has to compensate, which takes away their precious time and focus.


The group was looking for high-performing solutions with interfaces operated by the same service provider. The maintenance of these solutions had to be simple and easy. Also, the service provider needed to be able to deploy these  solutions in their hotels that are spread across France.


Hoist Group, with its expertise as a systems integrator and its wide portfolio of hotel technology, had the capability to meet the requirements set by Okko. The two teams began planning before the opening of the group’s first hotel. They started by designing the technological customer journey together, which they revisited periodically over time.

In order to lighten the burden for Okko, Hoist Group took care of the entire technology part of the hotels. We even proposed solutions from outside our product portfolio.

Devys commented: “We were really pleased that Hoist Group went the extra mile in helping us. They managed solutions on our behalf, although this is not something they typically do.

Fusion Internet

Hoist Guest Internet

Fusion TV

Hoist Interactive TV


Hoist Cast-to-TV


The teams worked together to find the perfect solutions to meet the needs of the hotels. For example, the group has chosen to equip all its rooms with Hoist Interactive TV to provide its guests with a home-like experience. Okko also selected our Hoist Guest Internet solution. It allows Okko’s guests, as well as their staff, to benefit from high-speed internet access. Okko’s hotels also benefit from Hoist’s converged network infrastructure, fibre network, TV channels, telephony, self-service PCs, and a lot more from our hotel technology portfolio.

Hoist Group has also provided the hotels with a Service Manager, who ensures the smooth operation of all our installations. He also looks out for future technologies that the group can benefit from.

Françoise Dalery, Sales Director at Hoist Group France, said: “We have been working with Okko for almost 10 years. We have always adapted our services and solutions to meet the expectations of Okko’s teams. We are very proud to support them in their journey. »



Since the opening of the first hotel, technology and customer needs have transformed considerably. However, both Okko and Hoist Group have adapted to these changes. For example, the consumption of Video on Demand (VOD) by guests declined. They wanted a much wider choice of films as well as the ability to broadcast their own content to the hotel’s TV, just like at home. Okko called upon Hoist Group to install Chromecasts in a secure mode.

In conclusion, Devys said: “Without Hoist Group, we would have needed a very large in-house team to manage the plethora of hotel technology that we use at our hotels. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it is essential for us to be able to ask Hoist Group for their opinion, and to call on their expertise in the hotel technology market.”



The Okko Group is another valued client on our portfolio of customers who have trusted Hoist Group’s expertise, technology, and business style. Delivering on a client’s requirements, not just for a single project, but to carry on with the quality of products and services year on year, is testimony to and the secret of our success. Thank you Okko Hotels Group!

"Without Hoist Group, we would have needed a very large inhouse team to manage the plethora of hotel technology that we use at our hotels. With technology evolving at such a rapid pace, it is essential for us to be able to ask Hoist Group for their opinion, and to call on their expertise in the hotel technology market."
Solenne Devys
Deputy General Manager