Hospitality Tech Upgrading a Renowned German Rehabilitation Clinic

The Deegenbergklinik (German for Deegenberg Clinic) is a rehabilitation clinic whose roots go back to the 16th century. On the grounds of the Botenlauben Castle, it is nestled in the Bavarian Rhön Nature Park, 200 meters above the sea level.

The clinic is still owned by the Deeg family who started it decades ago. This traditional yet modern clinic offers a wide range of therapies and treatments to help patients with medical problems related to the heart, blood circulation, diabetes, musculoskeletal system and vascular diseases.

The 210-rooms clinic is famous far beyond the borders of Bavaria (Germany), and also serves as a teaching institute and a research center. Each room is equipped with a TV, radio, WiFi and a digital safe.

“It is really important to us that we provide our patients with advanced medical care while ensuring their stay is made convenient with high-quality wireless Internet and digital entertainment,” says Professor Peter Deeg who leads the clinic along with his wife Jadwiga.



Clinic’s Technological Challenges

The WLAN infrastructure that was spread across 5 buildings of the clinic had lived its life. Complaints from patients about the low quality of connectivity were increasing and the clinic staff was also feeling the constraints of the poor connectivity in their work. They were unable to use modern medical technology which required stable and high bandwidth for critical patient treatments.

Also, the patients who typically stayed at the clinic for a 3-weeks period, depended on digital entertainment. However, the TV infrastructure here was outdated and was in need of an urgent revamp.



In order to address their technological challenges as well as to help the clinic advance their business performance, the IT department of the Deegenbergklinik contacted Hoist Group and shared a list of their requirements:

  • A modern and easy to understand interactive TV system for the patients
  • The ability to publish information about the clinic, the city of Bad Kissingen and the surrounding area to the patients, in a video or banner formats
  • A complete update of the existing TV infrastructure (TV headends and Coax network)
  • Revamping the WLAN infrastructure to deliver reliable and fast connectivity to all patients as well as the clinic staff and their medical equipment
  • The ability to share costs with patients
Fusion Internet

Hoist Guest Internet

Fusion TV

Hoist Interactive TV


The clinic and Hoist Group discussed the range of requirements, and soon concluded that Hoist Group’s Hoist Guest Internet and Hoist Interactive TV were the solutions that the Deegenbergklinik was looking for. We also included in the gamut of the solution, high-quality network equipment from Commscope Ruckus and modern TV sets from Samsung.

Commenting on the solution put together, Andreas Klöpfer, Managing Director of the DACH region, for the Hoist Group said: “This project was a typical example of the integration between components from our system partners like Commscope Ruckus and Samsung, and software solutions from Hoist Group to generate enormous added value for our clients.”


The installation of the new tech stack was scheduled for the winter to cause absolutely minimal disruption to the clinic, its guests as well as to comply with the hygiene requirements introduced during the pandemic. The deployment of the technology was a smooth process that concluded within a few days.

When asked about his opinion about the deployment process, Andreas Blank, head of the IT department at the clinic said: “Hoist Group did a very good job of coordinating with our local partners for cabling and electrics to ensure the implementation process went on smoothly and caused the least possible disruption to our operations.”



Deegenbergklinik’s patients, staff and management are benefiting equally from the new systems.

With Hoist Interactive TV, patients are not only enjoying high quality, modern digital entertainment available for the first time, but also benefiting from easily available information on available leisure activities, local events, as well as the facilities of the clinic.

Delighted with the results, Dorothea Deeg, head of clinic administration said: “We are now able to easily deliver our own and third-party video content to the TVs throughout the clinic, without any outside help. This way we are able to swiftly publish up-to-date and a variety of information via the TV network at the clinic.”.

The clinic’s staff are pleased with the significantly improved WLAN reception in all areas of the facility.

From an economic perspective, such an investment is always of particular importance to any business. On this front, Professor Deeg was particularly pleased and said: “The patients’ uptake of a paid model for the new services, exceeded our expectations. Therefore, the return on the investment in this project, has already gone beyond the original estimations which we had worked out together with Hoist Group as part of our decision-making process.”


He further commented: “We already requested Hoist Group to create interfaces between their wide range of technologies and our specialist clinic systems. This will further make our operations efficient. Leveraging of digital signage is also on the cards, and we look forward to working with Hoist Group again.”


"The patients’ uptake of a paid model for the new services, exceeded our expectations. Therefore, the RoI on the investment in this project, has already gone beyond the original estimations which we had worked out together with Hoist Group as part of our decision-making process."
Prof. Deeg