Corinthia Hotels

An Introduction

Founded by the Pisani family of Malta in 1962, Corinthia is a growing portfolio of uplifting destinations, with nine hotels and counting. The brand is well known for exquisite hospitality, but the Corinthia finesse extends further than this.

Corinthia Hotels Limited is a management company wholly owned by International Hotel Investments p.l.c (IHI), a hotel and real estate developer and operator. IHI is dedicated to developing buildings into thriving businesses, operating iconic hotels and commercial properties and leveraging the global potential of the luxury brand, Corinthia.

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Uplifting Lives is the philosophy that informs everything Corinthia does. From ensuring the very best experience for their guests, right through to how they treat staff and the difference they make to the cities which they call home, their purpose is to enhance.

Commenting on this spirit, Corinthia’s Chairman and Founder, Alfred Pisani said: “Corinthia began as a family business, and while it has grown into something rather different today, we still retain all the precious values of a family: caring for one another and offering each other personal support each and every day. We listen to and spur each other on, to bring out the best in one another – as professionals, and more importantly, as human beings.”

SAlfred Pisani



Hoist Group is very proud to have Corinthia in its customer portfolio. The partnership between the two companies started back in 2013. Since then, the relationship has gone strength to strength through various network upgrades within the properties as well as an intense engagement at local and HQ levels.

Corinthia St Petersburg


In 2019, Corinthia wanted to renew its properties’ guest-facing portal and high-speed internet access to comply with industry standards. They requested Hoist Group to present a complete solution that included wireless network infrastructure, guest-facing internet portal, and guest room entertainment solution, including high-quality support and monitoring services.

The ultimate vision was to “upgrade” the guest experience across all their hotels in various countries, establishing a formal standard that could be easily replicated in all new properties planned for launch in the coming years.


The really challenging part of the project was that Hoist Group was asked to deliver the same level of standards across multiple territories. The project requirements included:


Hoist Guest Internet

IPTV System

Hoist Interactive TV


Hoist Support

Hoist Dashboard

Hoist Dashboard


High-Speed Internet Access (HSIA) for guest rooms, public areas, and conference/meeting rooms. The solution also required:

    • Fully interactive and customizable portal pages with dynamic content
    • Hoist Content Management System (CMS) to manage content locally (hotel) and centrally (HQ)
    • Hoist Event Connectivity Manager to manage specific internet/network setup during events and conferences
    • Interface with their existing PMS (Opera)

Interactive IPTV System for guest rooms and public areas. The specs included:

    • Interactive TVs with or without STB, compatible with latest IPTV technology
    • Bathroom TVs running over the same solution (where applicable)
    • Customized GUI in line with brand standards
    • Secure Cast-to-TV solution to allow guests to stream their contents from their own devices to the hotel TVs
    • Streamers to manage various types of feeds (Satellite, multicast fibre, or terrestrial)
    • Interface with their existing PMS (Opera)

Support Services for all solutions provided, including:

    • Multilingual support team with toll-free number for both guest and hotel staff
    • Maintenance support agreement with 24X7X365 and 4 hours response and resolution time SLAs (Service Level Agreements)

Network & Solutions Monitoring

    • A monitoring tool (Dashboard) able to give full visibility to the IT Department about the status of the network as well as other technical solutions running at the hotel

Financing Option

    • Spread the costs over 5 years
Simone Colombo, Managing Director of Hoist Group – Mediterranean, commented: “Corinthia is a luxury brand who takes guest experience extremely seriously. This directly translates into high standards of product and service requirements and we have been absolutely cognizant about this. Enabling their digitization journey in such a broad fashion was a challenge we were delighted to take onboard.”

Simone Colombo


Corinthia Budapest


Hoist Group has decades of experience delivering state of the art networking solutions for international hotel chains who have very high standards and compliance requirements.

A host of cutting-edge hospitality technology solutions were deployed from the elaborate range that Hoist Group’s product portfolio offers. The major solutions that were deployed included: Hoist Guest Internet, Hoist Interactive TV, Hoist Dashboard, Content Management System (CMS) and Hoist Event Connectivity Manager.

Adrian Scerri, Senior Director Technology of Corinthia, said: “Hoist Guest Internet platform is on the cutting-edge of internet access technology – Hoist products have enabled us to better serve our esteemed guests.”

Adrian Scerri


The Cast-to-TV solution combined with the recently launched Hoist Mobile Remote Control were also deployed. These solutions allow Corinthia guests to experience incredible entertainment convenience through their own devices, while watching or listening to their favorite shows, movies, music or simply surfing the extended international TV channels available on the hotel’s TV sets.

In order to meet Corinthia’s challenging timelines while minimizing service disruption, Hoist Group combined highly-skilled central project management resources with local resources. Similarly, central as well as local support teams were deployed to provide a seamless service to all the hotels, while meeting all of Corinthia’s SLAs.


The partnership between Hoist Group and Corinthia is now producing brilliant results and they are starting to explore other forms of cooperation, for instance the deployment of contactless and multi-function Hoist Mobile Key.

Despite the challenging COVID environment, Corinthia is still expanding its hotels’ portfolio with new openings planned in Bucharest, Brussels, and Rome amongst others. The financing option provided by Hoist Group is going to support this growth by minimizing the cash impact during the start-up phase of new hotels.

The partnership built by the two firms has proven its potential to be valuable and scalable. Hoist Group brings cutting-edge hospitality technology, high-standard service as well as business-friendly commercial options – all of which are well in tune with Corinthia’s growth-oriented strategy for the chain.

Corinthia London

While the wide range of Hoist Group’s technology is a key player in this partnership, special value is delivered by Hoist Dashboard. It remains a pillar in enabling easy monitoring of the performance across the properties of the chain. This cloud-based hotel management tool allows both the headquarter in Malta and Corinthia’s management across the borders to be in control of the performance of their properties. A clear competitive advantage which preserves Corinthia’s unique positioning within the luxury hotel segment.

The continuous cooperation between the two companies combined with the common platform architecture designed for Corinthia present an ideal platform for continuous improvement, innovation and progress.

“We take immense pride in successfully delivering the Corinthia project for two reasons: Firstly, this is a great example of how Hoist Group develops strong trust with our clients who choose to stay with us for years and decades; secondly, this project has also been a wonderful platform for us to demonstrate the unique width of innovative hospitality technology that we deliver to hundreds of clients in EMEA.” – Simone Colombo, Managing Director of Hoist Group MED, concluded.

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"Hoist Guest Internet is on the cutting-edge of internet access technology - Hoist products have enabled us to better serve our esteemed guests."
Adrian Scerri
Senior Director Technology of Corinthia