Does your signal or programme card need updating?

If the card needs a signal update after we have activated it, contact our 24-hour helpline.

Call +46 (0)8-562443 36 and follow the instructions  provided.

  1. Enter the box’s CAM ID / Receiver ID (11 digits)
  2. Enter the card number (12 digits)

Please note that this only works if the card has already been activated and simply requires updating. The receiver ID cannot be changed using this function.

Please have your card number and CAM ID/receiver ID available when you call.

Why do we have to sign a licensing


Without a license, it is not permissible to screen television in public/institutional settings, such as hotels, offices, restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, hospitals and military facilities. Screening television programming without a license is a violation of copyright law.

We have cable TV in the building and want to screen our channels. What do we do?

Contact Hoist Group to ensure that your cable TV distributor can offer business subscriptions. Most distributors have cooperation agreements with Hoist Group. You sign the agreement with Hoist Group and we will make sure that you receive the necessary hardware and software cards for each distributor.

Can we add channels during the contract period?

Yes. Place your orders with Hoist Group.

Can we buy screening rights to individual events, such as the finals of the Champions League?

No. An ordinary business subscription is required. If you plan to hold a special event, please contact Hoist Group for more information.

Should I also make payments to the distributor?

No. The distributor may charge a fee for providing the TV channels, but that is usually included in the subscription.

Who should I call if I need technical support?

Contact Hoist Group Support at +46 (0)8 555 686 00

I want to cancel my agreement. What should I do?

Cancellations must be made in writing and sent by e-mail to ov@hoistgroup.com.

I have received a new box. What do I do now?

Instructions and a manual are included with your new box. If you experience any problems installing your box, please contact Hoist Group Support at +46 (0)8 555 686 00.

How do I pair the card with the box?

Instructions are included with the programme card. If you have problems, please contact Hoist Group Support at +46 (0)8 555 686 00.

Where is the box/STB ID?

Usually you will find the number on the bottom or back of the box.

I need a new box. What do I do?

Contact Hoist Group Support or your contact at Hoist Group.

Does the box I bought come with a guarantee?

Yes. The guarantee is valid for 12 months from the contract’s start date.

I need a new remote control. Who should I contact?

You can order a new one by contacting Hoist Group Support or your contact at Hoist Group.

Will I receive SVT’s HD channels if I have the regular channels?

To receive SVT’s HD channels, you need a HD receiver. To order a new receiver, contact Hoist Support or your contact at Hoist Group.

What is a public screening?

Public screening is the showing of films or TV programmes to a public audience. The term is generally used for all screenings that take place outside of the home and includes those conducted at places of business and within the public sector. However, agreements permitting public screenings differ between commercial environments like sports bars and non-commercial environments, such as schools and other institutions.

Facts about screening rights

In public settings, special rules for retransmission of television channels apply and a license is required to screen TV in public/institutional settings. The programme companies control the rights, and the rights that apply depend on which category the company belongs to.

This includes hotels, offices, restaurants, bars, gyms, schools, hospitals and military installations. Screening television programmes without a licence is a violation of copyright law.