Access Rights Management for TV, Wi-Fi and Telephone

Specially developed Access Rights Management software for healthcare establishments.

Turnkey solution for Access Rights Management

Our specially developed access rights management software, LISIS, operates remotely from a central workstation, managing all patient accesses for TV, Wi-Fi and telephone. You can handle all the commercial and accounting operations linked to the access rights including opening, transfer and closure. This turnkey solution includes equipment, installation, training and software maintenance.


Patients’ benefits

  • Unified access to television service, Wi-Fi and in-room telephone.
  • Rights can be opened by our hostesses at the admission desk and in room through the interactive vocal server.
  • Access to multimedia packages with packages of services (TV channels, Wi-Fi access and telephone access).
  • Handles room transfers: when changing rooms or services in the establishment, all subscribed rights are transferred accordingly.

Establishment benefits

  • Centralized management of TV, Wi-Fi and telephone accesses.
  • Very simple to install and use (only requires a PC-type workstation).
  • Can be interfaced with the establishment admission software.
  • Handles remote management of all commercial and accounts operations linked to the multimedia rights, including unlocking terminals and pre-programing their closure.
  • Extracts and reports (daily operations, closures and end of contracts).

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