Welcome to CMM Oslo, 16.-18. October.



13.00-14.00 Meet up at Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel from 12:00. Lunch buffet at 13:00.
14.00-15.30 Alfonso/Malcolm
·        Company status
·        YTD 2017 & corrective actions
·        Budget targets 2018
·        Vision 2020
15.30-17.00 Rasmus
·        Finance topics
·        Budget launch
17.00-18.00 Ann-Sophie
·        Marketing topics
·        Get Together January 2018
19.00 Dinner at the hotel.

Menu Inform Cathrine if you have any food allergies.
08.00-09.00 Jan
·        Sales topics
·        Product Managers structure
09.00-10.00 Simon
·        International Sales set-up
·        Ownership Groups support
10.30-11.30 Marc
·        Products 1stH 2018
·        Future Product focus
11.30-12.30 Marco
·        Services 1stH 2018
·        Future Service focus
12.30-13.00 Photo session – individual and group
13.00 Lunch buffet
14.00-19.00 Outdoor activity – visit at the museum and walk in the park. Wear a warm jacket and comfortable shoes.
19.00 Dinner in the city.

Menu Choose catfish or lamb as your main course. Inform Cathrine of your choice. Also inform about food allergies.

Todays meetings are in the Oslo office at Helsfyr.
Taxi leaves the main entrance at the hotel at 07.15.


08.00-12.00 Country Managers
Round table (moderated by Alfonso)
“ISS: How can we deploy faster, cheaper and better”
·        Country Managers come with their process, prices and best practices
·        Discussion of each step (process wheel): from lead to maintenance
·        Detailed COGS/BOM analysis and comparison
12.00-12.30 Alfonso
Wrap-up – Review of actions from last time and next steps
12.30 Sandwich lunch with the crew in the Oslo office and departure


Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel

Your accommodation and your conference will be at Scandic Holmenkollen Park Hotel.


Click on map for directions.


When you arrive at the airport there are two alternatives to get to Holmenkollen Park Hotel is by train or taxi.

  1. The train and tram take about 58 minutes + a little walk from the tram station to the hotel. Price train: 180 NOK + Tram 33 NOK (buy ticket before you enter the tram).

2. Taxi will take about 49 minutes. Fixed price for pre-booking: About 1000 NOK. Without pre-booking it is taximeter running. (Norges Taxi)

Most of you are landing at Gardermoen between 10.10 and 10.40, maybe you can coordinate and share taxi? (Annika, Michael, Robert, Simone, Anselm and Marc). Marco and Karim koordinate on a taxi later.

Home – Going back to the airport you will leave from our office at Helsfyr. The easiest alternative will be the airport bus. Stops 5 minutes from our office. (Airport express.)



Before lunch at Tuesday your picture will be taken by a photographer. Both individual and group pictures. Look your best.


The days you are here we like to show you some of the Norwegian history and culture. The place you are staying at Holmenkollen Park Hotel is an old traditional building in so called dragestil/dragon style. Typical Norwegian architecture from between 1880 to 1910. Next to the hotel is the famous Holmenkollen ski jump arena. As well known, Norway have a long tradition for skiing. After lunch at Tuesday a visit at the Ski Museum are on the agenda. A guided tour though history from the Birkebeiners to Pole Expeditions time.

After the Ski museum your journey goes to the city for dinner. On the way, if the weather allows it, we like to visit Frogner Park/Vigelands Park. The largest park in Oslo featuring sculptures from the Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland.