Step by step

1: Create your profile

We are connecting with a company called Staff in Motion and use a game board for the challenge.
Follow this link and create your profile: and join your country team.
Use the activation code GETMOVING_HOIST and follow the instruction.

2: Download an activity app

There are different alternatives for you to track your activities, either use a sports watch or your smart phone. Choose the suitable option for you:

  • Fitbit watch – Do you have a Fitbit watch you can use this one as normal and sync up with the Fitbit app. Add your unit to Staff in motion and your steps will sync up.

If you don’t have a Fitbit watch you can download an app to your phone to use the phone as a tracker.

  • iPhone – Go to app store and download the Fitbit app, and chose your phone as device. Add your phone as unit in Staff in Motoin to sync up your data.
  • Android – Go to Google play store to download the Google fit app and choose your phone as a device. Add your phone as unit in Staff in Motoin to sync up your data.

Add device to Staff in Motion – choose profile – My apps/devices

If you do have another sports watch you can track your activity as normal, but you have to manually add the daily activity to the Staff in motion set up. Therefore we recommend you download the mobile app in addition to at least save some time.


3: Daily updates

Log in to Staff in motion daily to sync up unit, add extra activities, check missions and see your position on the game board compared to the other teams. Log in daily to share your activity here:


4: How to gain points

There are four ways to get points:

  • Walking, collect steps!
  • Work out!
  • Quiz questions that appears when you log in to Staff in motion.
  • Taking on fun and inspiring health missions! Each week new missions will appear on your mission board. Depending on your profile you will have different tasks you can do to gain extra points. See value for each mission and choose as many missions you like each week.