Q & A


I need an activation code, where do I find that?

Click the button Step by step and you will find the code there.

I do not have a personal instagram account or I do not like to share personal pictures. Do I have to?

No, this is optional and meant to be fun for those comfortable with sharing pictures from their activities. You will get the opportunity to see what others are doing, for instance in a country with very different climate conditions than what you are used to yourself. Some of the missions include image challenges, however you are always free to choose the missions you like and skip the others.

How can we see the images posted on instagram?

Tag the images you post with #hoistwellnesschallenge and #countryname. Make sure your profile is public. Then it will be possible for the rest of your colleagues to search for the tags and see the image contributions.

Where do I enter my activity?

Log in to Staff in Motion. Under My diary you can add your steps and activities. Make it a daily routine to add this. This way the numbers are always updated and contribute to motivating your team members. You are all working together to get the amount of points needed.

I can see people already update their activities, have we started already?

No, but when you have added your device the program automatically starts to sync up. The points does not starts to count for the challenge until Monday.

Where can I find the quiz questions?

The quiz questions will appear when you log in to Staff in Motion. Answer them right away to not lose the possibility to gain some extra points for your team.

How do I upload a profile picture?

I see some colleagues have a profile picture, how can I upload mine? In the top right corner, click your name and choose My Account. Green button – upload/change my picture. Save. And you have a profile picture!

If you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Hoist Wellness Challenge team leader.