Specially Developed Solution

Save costs on virtual phone numbers and increase your telephone availability with our specially developed Pholos telephony management solution.

icon-phonePractical phone solution for your patients

With our Pholos telephony management solution your patients will get access to a telephone solution that they can open the rights to at any time. The patients will also receive their own personal number to keep throughout the stay.


Enhance your phone system

Hoist Group advises and provides a large number of organizations with the right equipment to meet their telephony requirements. With our solutions you can optimize incoming calls phone service and get a quick, cheap and user-friendly service without changing your existing infrastructure.

Pholos provides the following features:

  • Automatic management of incoming phone calls.
  • Allocation of virtual phone numbers.
  • Integration with existing IPBX/PABX.
  • Interface with the LISIS rights access management software.

Establishment benefits

  • Save costs on virtual phone numbers and increase the availability of your telephones.
  • Unique interface to pilot your services.
  • Cost-efficient solution: easy and quick to install, no need to change existing IPBX/PABX.
  • Multi property management: homogeneous service, cost efficient and easier to control.
  • In-house Hoist Group developments with an everlasting software upgrade policy.

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