Magic Hotels

An Introduction

Part of the Magic Norway Group, Magic Hotels are a 403-rooms hotel chain of 4 design hotels located in Bergen, Norway. The hotels are designed by the internationally renowned designer, Karim Rashid, providing that extra touch of magic ensuring they are one-of-a-kind hotels. This allows these unique properties to stand out from the crowd in a packed marketplace. Magic Hotels have a constant quest to improve their guests’ experience.

Hotel Portfolio:

Magic Hotel Xhibition

  • Located at the top of Bergen’s newest and most modern shopping mall
  • 53 guest rooms
  • Jada Roofgarden restaurant
  • Contemporary nightclub

Magic Hotel Korskirken

  • Warm and modern atmosphere
  • 90 guest rooms
  • Unique indoor ‘bar street’ with flexible meeting and conference rooms
  • Villa Blanca Bergen restaurant
  • Cocktail bar
  • Nightclub

Magic Hotel Kløverhuset

  • Housed within the Kløverhuset shopping center
  • Amazing mountain views
  • 43 guest rooms
  • Restaurant and bar

Magic Hotel Solheimsviken

  • Largest hotel in the portfolio
  • Located in the popular Damsgard Sound,
  • 217 guest rooms
  • A prestigious European restaurant
  • Impressive roof terrace
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Achieved a Single View

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Data-driven Hotel

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Operations Streamlined

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Unique & Loved

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General Manager Mona Sandvik summed up Magic Hotels vision here:

Although we pay a lot of attention to the design of our hotels, we are also very aware that it is not the design alone that makes the hotel experience. Everything will play its part in that. Therefore, as technology optimists, we are constantly looking for new, technological solutions that can make our own operations run smoother and our guest’s stay more comfortable. And we have come quite a long way.

Magic Hotels


  • Complex Operations
  • Untapped business profitability
  • Lack of a single, comprehensive view of each property’s performance

With 4 hotels launched and further expansion on the way, monitoring operations across the 4 current locations is of the utmost importance. Magic Hotels’ desire to stay ahead of what is technically feasible is driven by a need to simplify operations, which in turn increases profitability.

A goal to offer a world-class guest experience requires a great deal of customization. Being aware of individual guests needs and desires, allows Magic Hotels to better organize and accommodate what matters most to each guest. These customized offerings are based on facts rather than assumptions. At the top of Magic Hotels’ technology wish list was a system that could provide a complete overview of each of their properties, at a single glance.


Magic Hotels had a technology wish list and wanted a capable partner to deliver it. Their requirements included:

  • An innovative but also reliable, technical solution
  • A solution that could provide a single view of performance across all locations
  • Local support team needed to speak Norwegian and be able to respond at short notice


Single Performance View:

In order to provide the required central overview and management of all properties, Magic Hotels chose the Enterprise version of Hoist Group’s Property Management System (PMS), HotSoft PMS. With HotSoft PMS, the booking department, as well as those involved in administration, are able to access the data for all properties at any given time. HotSoft PMS serves as the center for all hotel operations. Mona Sandvik gave her thoughts on the value Hotsoft PMS has brought to the hotel operations:

With all the information gathered in one place, it is much easier for us to follow the guest throughout the journey. We can better understand guests by looking at what services they use and at what frequency. Based on this, we can provide excellent and personal guest experiences, such as their favorite rooms, special offers in restaurants, shopping and wellness, and thus the technology actually helps to create a great guest experience.

Magic Hotels

To complete the data package, the Hoist Dashboard gives Magic Hotels’ the ability to monitor network usage and status, meaning they can always stay one step ahead of the requirements.

Hoist Dashboard also allows the hotelier to monitor its hotel’s Reputation. By staying on top of the conversation with the guests, Mona and her team makes sure they found comfort and satisfaction in their stay. Eventually, this is what translates into marketing impact and increased bookings.

The hotel also uses the dashboard to monitor the evolution of its bookings, revenues and occupancy, harnessing this data to implement efficient marketing and pricing strategies to optimize performance.

Superior Guest Experience:

In line with Magic Hotels’ aim to enhance the guest’s experience, they also chose Hoist Mobile Key. RFID locks from Hoist Group make it possible for guests to open rooms using an app on their smartphone. With this app, the guest receives check-in info when the room is ready and the check-in itself is done automatically, removing the need to visit the reception desk. This is a true example of contactless check-in, which elevates guest experience greatly.

This solution, once the privilege of technically advanced guests, will be expected in a post COVID-19 world. Magic Hotels’ partnership with Hoist Group has allowed them to be ahead of the curve. Mona Sandvik added:

This is a very exciting solution that allows the guests to communicate with the reception virtually.

Combining Hoist Group’s Fusion Internet and Fusion TV solutions, Magic Hotels now offer their guests a powerful and reliable WiFi network. Complementing this is the ability to conveniently find all the information needed during the stay on the in-room TV.

Further enhancing the guest experience is the Cast to TV solution. This highly demanded feature allows Magic’s guests to stream content from their own devices directly on to the room’s TV.

Mona Sandvik concluded:

The list of technical solutions that simplify operations and improve the service we provide to our guests is long. Among other things, we have info channels on the hotel TVs, WiFi and a TV solution allowing guests to stream content from their own mobile or tablet directly to the TV in the room.

Magic Hotels


It is clear that the partnership between Magic Hotels and Hoist Group has not only delivered upon the initial requirements but gone beyond. A perfect example is Givito – best in class gift card solution.

In a COVID environment, cash flow is vital so we replaced refunds with gift cards and implemented a flexible cancellation policy. Hoist Groups’ gift card solution – Givito has been effective in this context.” – Mona Sandvik explains.

Moreover, with a clear overview of all locations in one easy to use dashboard, the entire team can now get an overview of the entire hotel group operations in real-time. It is really easy for the management to collect measurements, and generate insightful reports about any of the 4 properties. Magic Hotel is now able to make informed and data-driven decisions.

Thanks to improved performance insights, the hotel management is able to streamline operations. Through reliable guest internet, in-room entertainment and seamless check-in check-out, Magic Hotel’s guest experience is enjoying a differentiated position in the Norwegian market.

With all these upgrades in the hotel operations and guest experience, Magic Hotels is set to boost their profitability. And this is how Mona Sandvik sums up the value they are getting from Magic Hotel’s partnership with Hoist Group:

We have chosen to acquire all of our technical systems from the same supplier – Hoist Group. One of the advantages of this is that all the solutions are being monitored via a dashboard that gives us a complete overview and control. In addition, Hoist Group shares our philosophy. They are constantly looking for solutions to simplify and streamline operations to ensure the best possible hotel experience for our guests. They are also very responsive to our requirements.

"Magic Hotels' priority nowadays is to comply with COVID guidelines and to ensure the safety of our employees and guests. We leveraged the pertinent advice and smart technology that Hoist Group pulled together for hotels to help them get back on their feet, and grow revenue once again. For example, we have implemented Mobile Key which allows our guests to use their mobile phones as a room key."
Mona Sandvik
General Manager, Magic Hotels