Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock Renews with Hoist Group

“We decided to work with Hoist Group due to recommendations inside the hotel chain and the good past experiences we had with other projects,” states Sören Barnekow.

Internet access and in-room TV are the most valued amenities by guests, no matter the rating of your hotel. A survey conducted by hotels.com* confirms, “WiFi is the #1 in-room amenity customers want when they stay in a hotel.”  Video on Demand and Cast to TV are always welcome extras, which help to increase guest satisfaction and trigger positive online reviews. Hoist Group offers an assortment of Internet solutions and TV systems that will make your hotel stand out from the crowd. It is never too late to rethink how to better improve your hotel just like Radisson Blu Hotel in Rostock, Germany, who has recently renewed their partnership with us.

This partnership is not new, in fact, for the past few years, Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock and Hoist Group have been working together to accomplish one common goal: create a quality guest experience. This technological marriage began with the installation of Hoist Group’s High-Speed Internet Access and Digital Signage solutions. Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock considers the communication with their guests a key factor for satisfaction. They strive for their communication to be simple and efficient such as using public screens in the lobby or in-room TVs, which help to strengthen sales and brand exposure.

Located in the historic Old Town of Rostock, this hotel boasts a wonderful view of the city harbour. Hoist Group is thrilled that Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock has chosen us once more as their trusted partner. Sören Barnekow, Reservation & M&E Office Manager and IT Management states, “we decided to work with Hoist Group due to recommendations inside the hotel chain and the good past experiences we had with other projects.”

Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock now offers their guests’ first-class entertainment and information through our TV solutions, allowing guests to stream their own content as if they were at home, with Cast to TV. Mr. Barnekow felt that he was well-advised by Hoist Group’s sales and support team during the installation, especially by Mark Salangsang, Project Manager and Nicole Auer, Account Manager, since “both are very cooperative and fast in providing solutions.” Hoist Group is very honoured to meet the expectations and requirements Radisson Blu Rostock.

Curious about Radisson Blu Hotel, Rostock? Then don’t waste any more time, combine leisure with technology and enjoy a pleasant stay. Know more about this great partner here.

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Isabella Rampino

Marketing Assistant