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Givito – Setting the Standard

Here at Hoist Group we have already shown you through our previous posts, how a gift card Solution could be the helping hand your hotel needs. In fact, in these extremely challenging times for the Hospitality industry, it could be exactly what is required to maintain cashflow. In our second post we gave you our top tips for selecting an ideal gift card solution. This third post helps you even more, because here at Hoist Group, we have found you the answer.

A Vision of The Future

When it comes to a gift card solution, the answer has often been cloudy. Well now, hopefully we can give you a vision of a much clearer future. The great thing about a gift card solution is it allows you to bring the revenue from a clear future, into the present. Something that can really help in a downturn.

As I mentioned above, our previous posts helped you in selecting a gift card solution, understanding the typical requirements. However, in this post we’ve taken it one step further. Givito from Hoist Group has long been the standard bearer in gift card solutions, and now we have the opportunity to bring it to you. Read on below to understand how Givito meets all the requirements and more.

1. Offers Customizable Digital Gift Cards

As we established previously, it is very likely that your gift card solution will often be used by customers who are purchasing the gift card for someone else. After all what better gift, than a gift card?! Because of this, it is critical that your gift cards are customisable. A gift card should reflect exactly what the gift giver wants to say but be clear to the receiver exactly what it offers. Making it customizable does exactly that.

Digital customisation allows you to give that same level of personalisation to those who purchase the gift cards digitally. Of course, in today’s world there is often geographic separation between family and friends, so why should they miss out on a customised experience? Well with Givito from Hoist Group, there is no need for anyone to miss out!

2. A Simple and Easy to Use User Interface

With a single webpage allowing the completion of a purchase, Givito from Hoist Group has the simplest user interface on the market. This easy to navigate customer experience ensures no lost sales by customers navigating away mid-purchase.

3. Don’t Forget the Physical Cards

We know digital purchases are an important part of any gift card solution, but so are physical cards. As we detailed in our previous posts, physical cards are invaluable for on-premise sales, or where being used in place of a refund.
Givito from Hoist Group offers you physical cards in a wide selection of mediums. Paper and wood options allow you to be more environmentally friendly, along with the ease of traditional plastic cards.

Don’t Forget the Physical Cards

4. Flexibility

A gift card solution that lacks flexibility is a gift card solution that cannot deliver for your hotel and your guests. Givito from Hoist Group starts by offering totally flexible denominations. However, the next level is achieved through fully customisable service bundles. This allows the customer to select the correct blend of room nights, services such as spa access, and dining options in the restaurant.

5. Cut Out the Middle-Man

With no additional payment processors, Givito’s payment gateway delivers the customer’s money directly into your hotel’s bank account. Maintaining cashflow is key, so avoiding unnecessary steps in the payment process helps minimise time to receipt and the costs of collecting cash.

6. Performance Tracking

With promotional campaigns being an important part of any sales strategy for a gift card solution, the ability to track the success of these campaigns is vital. Tracking campaigns gives the full picture of the performance of different offerings, helping you to understand what your customers are purchasing. Fortunately, Givito gives you a wide range of performance metrics and sales channels Now, not only can you understand how certain packages have performed, but also which channel provides the strongest return.

7. Handling B2B Sales

Handling business clients is a huge part of any successful hotel operation. As such, your gift card solution must be able to support B2B (Business-to-Business) sales along with regular B2C (Business-to-Consumer) sales. The business-specific features within Givito allow you to invoice a client’s business directly among other things, ensuring your hotel can meet all the requirements of business customers.

8. Bypassing Payments

As we detailed in our earlier posts, having the flexibility to create gift cards as refunds is a great way of protecting revenue. An important part of the process for offering gift cards as refunds is bypassing the payment step. Having a solution that doesn’t allow this, gives you a process headache, or even worse, a situation when you have to give a refund instead.

Givito by Hoist Group has this ability from day one. Removing the need for additional processes, Givito is your one stop shop for retaining revenue.

9. Keeping it Mobile

The world we live in is mobile first. The hotel experience we build is mobile first. So, any solution you should implement must be mobile first. With its innovative mobile app, Givito allows staff to access all Givito features on their mobile device. This means staff who are not permanently positioned at as desk can both redeem and sell vouchers wherever they interact with your guests.
Keeping it Mobile

10. Integration First, Integration Last

API’s are something we also discussed previously. Integration is a critical part of any modern gift card solution, avoiding staff overhead due to multiple system inputs. Givito has you covered with a full API library that allows integration with common solutions such as booking engines and hotel mobile applications. Of course, while integrating with your guests favourite apps may come with additional investment, it does allow you to substantially extend the reach of the gift card sales .

11. Supporting the Global Village

It goes without saying that your solution should be global. The global village we live in means clients can travel to any corner of the world within no more than 24 hours. Technological advances mean they can contact your hotel from anywhere. As such, you must have the support your hotel needs 24 hours a day, wherever you are located.
Hoist Group’s global reach means you can rest assured we can support your Givito gift card solution whenever you are and whenever you need it.

12. An End to End Solution

Doing everything is a strong statement, but additional administrative overhead is not something you need when running a hotel. Givito offers an end-to-end solution, capturing all the components of a gift card solution and bringing them into one, easily manageable place. Whether you need a web-shop, marketing campaign, customised gift card or payment gateway, Givito has it all covered, in one easily accessible place.

null Simon I’Anson is Chief Strategy Officer with Hoist Group, whose main focus is finding Hoist Group’s myriad of advanced technology solutions their rightful home in some of the world’s greatest hotels.  With over 15 years of experience in the hospitality technology space, he is sharing his valuable insights through these posts. Outside of work he is a big fan of many sports, including Rugby and Tennis, enjoys spending time with his family, and likes the type of music that should be turned up to ‘11’. You can find more about him here – LinkedIn