Behind the Scenes with Hotel Fredrikstad

“Everyone understands that we all work together and that Hoist Group helps us function to the best of our ability.”

Hotel Fredrikstad is a one of a kind hotel. Dating back to 1894, the hotel has undergone extensive renovation with a grand reopening earlier this year. With 30 rooms, four Escape rooms, a conference room, pub, and dining areas both inside and out, Hotel Fredrikstad is a totally unique experience with a mixture of hospitality, great customer service, and adventure.

Owner, Bjørn Erik Simensen, was born and raised in Fredrikstad, Norway. He knows the city like the back of his hand. “It is important for me to get a connection with my guests and since the city is so small it becomes a cozy place that you look forward to returning to.”

Mr. Simensen has lived quite an adventurous life with accomplishments such as climbing Mount Everest. We sat down with Mr. Simensen to discuss his newest adventure, hotel ownership, and why he chose Hoist Group as his preferred hospitality partner.

Why did you choose Hoist Group?
I had heard about Hoist Group before, but knew that I needed to make up my own mind when choosing a solution provider. I visited their Norwegian office in Oslo and was very happy to that I got to meet the people who I would be working with and not just talk to them on the phone.

How would you describe your cooperation with Hoist Group?
I think that we have very good cooperation. Everyone understands that we all work together and that Hoist Group helps us function to the best of our ability. They have the equipment and expertise that we require to run the hotel; they really do help make our daily jobs easier.

Which of the products are you most satisfied with?
I am happy with the products that I’ve tried and I have to say that those who answer the phone for HotSoft support are very knowledgeable and service minded. They always follow up and generally I think the service has been absolutely great. No matter which department I have called I have been greeted with professionalism.

Which of the products do you think your guests have been most satisfied with?
The guests usually experience first the TV and Cast to TV, which they appreciate. They usually don’t see the “behind the scenes” work such as booking systems, accounting, and housecleaning, but if they were to see everything I think they would be very impressed.

We are incredibly proud to have Hotel Fredrikstad as our partner!