Top Three Hotel Tech Trends: 2019

Want to stay ahead of the game? Last year we predicated three trends that would disrupt the hospitality industry and now that it’s 2019, we are more confident than ever that these are the top trends you should implement for your hotel.

  1. Voice Command, reporting for duty:

Between Alexa and Siri, virtual assistants are everywhere. From banking to list making to customer care, it makes perfect sense that IVR (interactive voice recognition) would become a natural part of hospitality. Find out more on how to bring Siri to your suite: Are Virtual Assistants Ready For Hospitality?

  1. Go beyond The Matrix

The only two numbers you need to know are 0s and 1s when it comes to information security. But if your binary is a bit rusty, let us help you secure your network. Our new security offering is vital to keep your hotel and guests safe from black hat hackers. For more on fuzzing and firewalls: Is Your Network Secure?- Here Are Four Helpful Tips

3. Always on your phone? At least make it work for you:

When was the last time you went anywhere without your phone? Maybe you’re even reading this from your phone right now? As hotelier you should be using your phone to keep connected to your guests and provide them with cutting edge features such as Mobile Key. Read all about it: Deliver a More Interactive and Personalised Guest Experience with Mobile Technology

Which trends are you most excited about? If you’re ready to tackle innovative tech in 2019, let us know!