Plan Your Work with Hoist Task Manager

On a day to day basis there are lots of different tasks that have to be dealt with in a hotel. At Hoist Group we are familiar with the challenges a hotel faces every day and has therefore developed a helping tool.

Our proprietary task manager Hoist Task Manager helps you keep track of all your tasks by letting you schedule individual or recurring tasks such as maintenance schedules, major cleaning or essential conference preparations.

With Hoist Task Manager you can schedule what to do and when to do it to make sure nothing is forgotten.

With Hoist Task Manager you can schedule to:

news-serviator-smoke-icon Check smoke detectors once a year
news-serviator-windows-icon Clean windows externally every four months
news-serviator-first-aid-icon Check and refill first aid kits
news-serviator-lost-icon Sort out the Lost & Found box every other month
news-serviator-conf-icon Check conference whiteboard pens every day and re-cycle defective


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