Mobile Key

As a frequent traveler, I expect most of my travel logistics to be accessible online. It’s been a while since I last printed a boarding pass, my hotel address, or directions to a local restaurant. But queuing for your room key at the hotel reception is probably one of the last bits in the guest journey that can still be annoyingly ineffective.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy receiving a warm welcome from the friendly hotel staff. But the reality is that I’d rather go straight to my room instead of queuing for 20 minutes at peak hours or behind a large group booking. I’ll probably get a more relaxed welcome later.

“Here is your room (mobile) key“

Making your stay as smooth as possible is part of what we do. With HotSoft PMS we enhance the travel experience by enabling mobile booking, online check-in, online payment and check-out in a smooth and simple way. Our mobile key solution now allows you to go directly to your room thanks to a new Bluetooth lock and a mobile application.

Benefits for all

As a guest, once you have checked-in online, you will receive a mobile notification to download our app and get your secure key when your room is available. You can download the app at the airport or on your way to your hotel and your first contact with the hotel will no longer be a long line of stressed out travelers.

As an hotelier you will benefit from reduced staff needs at peak hours, higher satisfaction and more time to engage with your guests. Our mobile key solution comes with extra features such as:

  • A chat function where guests can communicate directly with the hotel staff
  • A key system for your own staff
  • A Bluetooth upgrade kit to our installed base of locks, for entrance doors or elevators
  • Interfaces for other PMS systems
  • A Software Development Kit (SDK), if you want to have it in your own hotel application

Locks are definitely going online, improving the guest experience and by the end of 2017 we will release a unique product, enabling full online experience and guest satisfaction. Contact us if you want to learn more about Hoist Group locks and mobile key system.

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Benoit Le Gall, Head of Product Architecture and Integration