Norwegian Media covers Program Phoenix

One of the largest magazines for the Hotel industry in Norway, HRR – Hotell, Restaurant og Reiseliv – has in their latest print edition covered Program Phoenix. The Program is presented as an extensive post-COVID Program that helps hotels adapt to meet the new demands from an altered guest journey.


Here is the article, translated from Norwegian:

The hotel industry will now face a changed guest journey, focusing on guidelines for infection control and health and safety. Hoist Group has launched Program Phoenix, in order to aid hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to not only be able to meet the changed demands in a post-COVID world but also thrive again in a very challenging environment.

To keep hotel doors open to guests while ensuring business viability, they must adapt to a new world post-COVID. Hoist Group wants to support this through hotel technology, via the initiative Program Phoenix. The aim is to help the hotels through the initial reopening phase, as well as preparing them for a new normal after the pandemic. “Comprising 20 very special offers, Program Phoenix is the broadest, most ambitious support Program in the industry to date, and we are very proud to bring this to the market today”, says Alfonso Tasso, CEO at Hoist Group.

Phoenix is a testament to the breadth of product portfolio provided Hoist Group, which is unrivalled in the hospitality industry: Paperless check-in, eVoucher systems, Mobile keys, Smartphones as remote controls, Cast to TV streaming, carrier-grade network management, staff task management software, etc.

Hoist Group’s new Subscription-based business model to support hotels in their investments to meet the ‘new normal’ technology requirements of the post-COVID-19 world.” COVID-19 will not only change the Hospitality landscape and guest journey forever but also restrict budgets. This new Subscription-based business model will ease this restriction by allowing hotels to use new technologies for a simple, monthly flat fee, Tasso concluded.

The Program is not only for existing Hoist Group customers but available for all hotels. It is free to join and requires no commitments, and those who do participate will gain access to a host of resources including informative videos, consultations, guides and checklists.
The Program goes further, and in concert with select industry partners, also offers access to a wide range of hotel technologies, much of which is available either for free or at a very special offer price.

Read more about Program Phoenix here (Program Phoenix was run successfully in 2020 and is no longer available).