Internet of Everything

The evolution of our digital behaviour over the past 15 years has been astronomical. Across every market, even in developing countries, people are communicating every day through mobile devices, laptops, television and more. For a hotel, being close to the guests is no longer simply a matter of offering extra services; but more providing an autonomous environment for a hyper-connected human being.

At home or at work, we have become used to checking our emails regularly, being able to access centralised cloud data, streaming music, connecting to our bank accounts or even checking on our healthcare data – all very easy to do via mobile devices with any kind of WiFi access. Additionally, devices that were once static are now going mobile; getting smaller and smaller; or even changing format like video projectors, TV on demand and gaming consoles. People are travelling more often and they can take their digital world with them wherever they go. This autonomy has become the heart of our daily lives.

The fact is, the ability to access and use digital media on the go is no longer a just useful option for travellers – it is the expected standard. Many of these devices require the internet to connect with each other to perform simply day to day activities – I can check on my home security system, see where my kids are; adjust the air conditioning or lighting; connect to a network printer and cast my favourite show to the TV – all using just my phone.

Hoist Group constantly puts those behaviours and technology evolutions at the core of its products and services.

We look forward to following the development of this increasingly important technology and how it will affect the hospitality industry in the future.

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Hilal Allam, Product Manager Hoist Group