Improving Guest Awareness – a Frequent Traveller’s Perspective

When traveling today, whether for business or with the family, there is usually little time to properly prepare for a trip. Researching the many unique sights and activities that a destination or hotel has to offer is often overlooked. For some insight on improving awareness and enhancing a guest’s stay, here is one frequent traveller’s own thoughts and experiences on the topic.

Throughout my years travelling and staying in hotels, I’ve come to realise something. Up-to-date and easily accessible information is very important to my overall experience at a hotel. Allow me to share some thoughts and explain what I mean.

Relevance Please

Instead of just pushing as much information as possible, I appreciate relevant information – at the right time and place.

For example, if a host notices that I am checking-in with my family, I always appreciate receiving information about a hotel’s playground or other family friendly attractions. But, not if I am checking in as a business traveller.  The same is true with things like breakfast promotions. They are great in the morning, but not so much in the evening when I am thinking about happy hour.

Stay Up-To-Date

Let’s face it, we live in the age of the Internet. Printed material in my hotel room is ok, but I find that it is not always so up-to-date. I prefer digital – and current – information. There is nothing more confusing and challenging than conflicting information – like restaurant opening hours that don’t match the brochure in my room, or flyers about nearby attractions that have changed or do not exist anymore.

Give Me Access Anytime, Anywhere

Instead of a printed hotel handbook, I value a guest room TV with a digital service directory. What is even more useful is having access to this information before, during and after my stay – both inside and outside of the hotel, while exploring the surrounding area/city. A sort of digital concierge to accompany me on the mobile devices I know best, like my smartphone.

A Personal Touch

I can search Google at any time, so the more specialised the info is, the more likely I will perceive it as value-added. Instead of a generic city guide, give me a hotel’s top 10 recommendations of things to do – and/or personal or seasonal recommendations for food and beverages.

For me, when a hotel gets these things right, it really makes a difference – enhancing my experience as a guest and inspiring me to return for another stay.

Markus Letuha, Sales & Product Manager – TV Systems, Internet Access & Managed Network