Hotel Trends in 2020

Last year, we published an article on trends expected in 2019. So, did these trends occur? Did they disappear? Or, are they still just as relevant? And what do experts think is the turn of the year that is just around the corner

A brief summary of what was considered important trends for the year we are still in:

Personalised Experiences – personal greetings, memorable experiences.
A Second Home – not only a bed to sleep in, but also offers on par with what you have at home.
Personal Content – including streaming from your own devices.
Changed Usage of the lobby area – an expanded living room that at the same time allows for a little shelter.
Smart Rooms mobile solutions for booking, payment, key cards etc.

Many people are focused and interested in what the future holds and will probably leave their mark in the coming year. This is especially true of personalised experiences, where the guest receives a product that best suits them based on their own preferences. Here, it is important to have complete control over their customer groups, use the so-called Big Data to analyze and control the guests’ behaviour patterns and focus on what suits your customer group best.

Here are some of the things that seem to be getting more and more in focus:


It is important to have your tongue straight in the mouth when it comes to marketing in various online channels, and one should be available on several social platforms. Not only to exist, but also to be active and responsive to guests who make contact, both before, during and after their stay. The hotel should focus on what sets them apart from the vast array of hotel choices and create a memorable stay and content for guests to choose from.

Technological development

Seamless technology is becoming increasingly available, both economically and technically. Systems that work together across platforms are becoming increasingly important. For example, smart solutions where you can book, check-in, open doors etc. from online devices, you now have easier access to advanced technology AI (artificial intelligence) such as chatbots. VR also seems to be on the rise, for instance, you can present your hotel with virtual tours, maybe even post some storytelling along the way, and publish on websites and in other channels. There are endless opportunities to integrate different technology into the guest experience, and the guest experience is the focus of all hotels. If you start with a dashboard that collects all the information in one overview, you will come a long way when it comes to understanding your guests!

Millennium generation

Your guests have great power, and the Millennium generation is also present and accustomed to dealing with many different social channels. There has been a lot of talk that millennials are not loyal, they shop around for deals and switch suppliers at any time. However, it turns out that they are extremely loyal, provided they get the right offer and product and are treated well in return. In a few years, there will also be in clear numbers, both in the labour market and as travellers, and then it is wise to think about whether your marketing and customer service fits this customer group. They also convey their meaning to a greater extent on all social channels, and if they like your product, you get the world’s best and most credible advertising. If they are not satisfied, well – then everyone will know. Don’t forget the power of the Millennium generation!


Or Joy Of Missing Out, which may be easier to understand for those of you (we are many!) who do not have steel control over abbreviations that are constantly emerging. We are talking primarily about digital detox, where you take vacation from all digital impressions in favour of living in the present. Being able to log off the constant drive that is social channels, presence and accessibility for both work and the outside world to really let the body and soul disconnect and recharge.


The biggest thing going forward seems to be the focus on the environment and sustainability. It is in the wind that affects most industries, and rightly so. On the hotel market day in Oslo in October, we learned, among other things, that there is an ever-increasing trend that individual, wealthy travellers who get tailored to their travels often choose public transport that is sustainable – even if they have no financial incentives for doing this. Most people want to make an effort for the environment and having a sustainable operation with the right focus will make it easier for customers to choose your exact accommodation offer. Everything from reducing food waste, reusing towels, avoiding unnecessary change of bedding during your stay, focusing on reduced energy consumption, recycling, reduced use of plastic and water etc. all help make your business competitive as well as the sustainability of the environment.

Then it remains to be seen next year. What has happened, and what do we take with us – and not least, has something already been done? Only time will tell!