Check in Express

Most of today´s travellers are always carrying several mobile devices and nowadays we want to use them for more or less anything. Speaking for myself, a +40 average business traveller and maybe a bit of a ”hospitality nerd”, I do the same.

For me, my mobile devices are irreplaceable companions at every stage of my travel experience due to convenience, functionality and usability. I value the ability to manage all aspects of my trip on the go. Using mobile devices simplifies my travel, gives me less paperwork and helps me save time. When I´m travelling I want my experience at the hotel to be as smooth as possible, from check in to check out.

Check Yourself In

So, what can the hotel do for me as a guest to deliver an end-to-end travel experience? The idea is for the hotelier to stay in communication with me as a guest. From pre-booking to follow-ups, during and after my stay and back again – all with a focus on the mobile channel.

On the day of arrival I should, as a guest, receive a personalised e-mail welcoming me to the hotel and giving me the option to pre-check in, like the airlines do.

During the pre-check in process I would download a mobile key onto my mobile device, which means a note will be sent to me when the room is ready and I can walk straight up to the room.

When it´s time for my departure, I´ll be given the option to complete an express check out by paying my room bill and in the process notifying the front desk what time I´ll most likely be leaving the room. A full check in and check out process completed in a smooth way, using only my mobile device.

Our Concept of The Guest Journey

Most of the software providers in the hospitality business today are working on some type of guest journey. So are we at Hoist Group, and we call it “Follow the Guest”. Hoist Group distinguishes from others with our wide product portfolio; we provide the full seamless customer journey.

Our HotSoft PMS together with the add-on system “My Booking” allows you to apply every step in the guest journey and provides you with features such as:


Follow the guest

This is our view of improving the guest journey. Please contact us to see how we can help you to improve your customer journey.

Pål Sjögren

Pål Sjögren

Sales & Product Manager HotSoft