5 Tips on How to Make Your Hotel Stand Out

Today, guests have many different hotels to choose from so the question is why they should pick your hotel over the new, hip hotel just down the road with the cool roof top bar? Even if you don’t have an unlimited investment budget at your disposal, there are still plenty of things you can do to help your hotel stand out from the crowd and have the guests return next time they are in town.

Tip #1 The Right Equipment

Provide both employees and customers with the right equipment. A recent survey on “Guest priorities” shows that a hotel with reliable Wi-Fi and up-to-date technology in the rooms are being rewarded with returning guests. Investing in new technology will also facilitate the day to day operation and give your employees the opportunity to spend more time with your guests.

Tip #2 Be There for Your Guests

As a manager, it may seem like you have a never-ending list of things to do. Even if you´re running around taking care of 100 tasks at once, take the time to greet your guests upon their arrival, check in during their stay and thank them upon their departure.

Tip #3 Improve Your Business

Your job is not simply to manage the day-to-day operations; it is also to help your hotel develop. Regularly examine procedures and systems and ask your employees for input. Aim to get things right the first time and save time by planning your daily operations.

Tip #4 Get Social

Your guests are most likely active on social media so you need to stay connected. A Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter account can help you communicate promotions at your hotel in a way that doesn’t affect your marketing budget. Share news, photos, events and other interesting information with your followers. Also, keep track of online reviews of your hotel and make sure you interact with your guests on TripAdvisor.

Tip #5 The Customer Is Always Right

The cliché applies to every aspect of hospitality management since it´s an industry based on customer service. Listen to complaints and make the necessary adjustments to keep them from happening again. Turn the weakness into strength by using the complaint as an opportunity to improve the way your hotel functions.

With these 5 tips, you can easily make your hotel stand out, simply by improving your presence, service and standard.

Anders Granholm

Product Manager Hoist Task Manager and former Hotel Manager