Hoist Technology Launches Guest Service Portal

Hoist Technology is now launching a guest service portal that gives hotel guests access to information and services directly through their smartphones and tablets. The guest service portal provides hotels with a simple way to provide guests with the latest information and offers as soon as they log on to the WiFi network.

The guest service portal acts as a landing page that greets users when they first log on to the hotel’s WiFi network. Hotels can also provide guests with access to the portal through Smart TV.

“We’ve focused on making it easy for guests to log on and find all the information they need about the hotel during their stay. It will also be easy for the hotel to update the information and generate additional sales through offers,” explains John Cidh, Sales & Product Manager, Hoist Cloud & WiFi.

The hotels decide for themselves what information and services are available through the portal, but some examples include information about offers, restaurant menus and opening hours, room service, transport information, links to tourist information and flight check-in, the opportunity to upgrade to faster WiFi or direct links to major streaming services.

“Thanks to the guest service portal, hotels can offer their guests information and services through the channel preferred by most guests today, that is, their own Internet-connected devices. Pricing is unique thanks to scalability based on the number of guest rooms. This makes it possible for smaller hotels to offer a service that often only large hotels have been able to invest in otherwise,” Cidh adds.

Hoist Technology also offers complete WiFi solutions that make it possible to offer guests and others customised information through the guest service portal as well as various bandwidths and time limits.

For more information, please contact:
John Cidh, Sales & Product Manager, Hoist Cloud & WiFi, + 46 (0)8-555 164 00