Top ranking on TripAdvisor with the right hospitality partner

A great hospitality provider should be a safe partner who can take you and your hotel to the next level. So, what do you need to you look for in a new partner? In this blog post, we have listed the things you should consider when choosing a hospitality partner.

An overall solution

When looking for a hotel supplier, you should consider one that is a complete hospitality partner with every hospitality solution under the same roof. That is, everything from booking systems, Internet and TV systems – to network services, guest entertainment, interior and equipment and locks to the hotel rooms. One partner instead of five different suppliers will make it easier to get to know you and your hotel’s needs.

A great support

One of the most important things to look at when choosing a supplier is support available 24/7. What if your booking system crashes in the middle of a check-in? Or if guests cannot connect to your WiFi in the middle of a conference? For these unwanted situations, you must have reliable support.

Secure for the future

Choose a hospitality partner who constantly strives to be better and challenges themselves to continue to develop their products. This way you can be part of the latest technical solutions without using your own time and money.

Consultant advisor

Find an experienced partner with hospitality specialists who have the knowledge in-house to help you tailor your systems, products and services. You should always look for an advisor who challenges you and helps your business move forward.

Reliability in operation

Finally, you must have a partner with dependable products. The products should be able to perform according to their specifications under given conditions and time, with the help of reasonable maintenance. In line with this, it should also be easy to maintain the products, and you should be guaranteed professional support from the supplier when it comes to maintenance.

Hoist Group is a complete hospitality partner. With our total solutions you can tailor the guest experience and ensure that your guests check out with a smile on their faces and a top ranking for your hotel on TripAdvisor. Would you like to discuss your hotel with us? Please get in touch with our Key Account Manager, David Weston, and we will help you.