To Stream or Not To Stream: TV Habits of Today’s Guests

The time of waiting for your favourite series to come on TV once a week is over. With subscription based services taking over homes and telephones across the world, you can now access TV anytime, anywhere.

There is no doubt that online content services have gained considerable ground in the entertainment market in a relatively short amount of time. From subscription based hubs such as Netflix and HBO to channel specific content, it is probably a matter of time before most shows we watch are streamed from one common site instead of several.

Our job as a key player in the hotel tech industry is to stay on top of these developments and ensure that we are offering the cutting edge technology for your hotel that your guests expect. Guests want to create that “home away from home” experience while staying at a hotel and one of the easiest ways is to offer them a chance to binge their favourite shows even if away.

We aren’t saying to completely forget linear TV; it’s still a popular choice among many guests. However, giving your guests the choice between the hottest Netflix shows vs the nightly news will help ensure guest satisfaction and loyalty. If you’re interested in our popular Cast to TV streaming solution or even upgrading your TVs and channel options, don’t hesitate to contact us. That home-like feeling is just a click away.