Three Ways to Increase Revenue and Guest Satisfaction

1. Have you ever wondered how your hotel is actually performing? Do you have instant access to the KPIs that really matter?

With Hoist Dashboard you can see your hotel’s performance in near real-time across a huge range of metrics to help you deliver what matters.

2. Do you know how to reach your guests’ and do you know their online preferences?

With Hoist Dashboard, not only can you see the amount of traffic on your network, but you can also see how many people are online, what type of devices they are using, how much bandwidth they are consuming, and even which social channels they used to log-in at your hotel. Tie-in this information with Hoist Group’s Unified Content Management Platform and you can gain unprecedented proximity to your guests.

3. How are the different elements of your overall service delivery really performing?

With Hoist Dashboard you can see your occupancy, ADR, RevPar and many other key metrics* in near real-time. Not only do you get a near instant picture of how busy your hotel is, but also through the same tool will be informed of any service issues, for instance when a TV has gone unserviceable in room 202. Never send a guest to an out of service room, and through our Serviator platform, allocate the maintenance task with minimal impact on your guests, and maximum efficiency.

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*requires subscription to Hoist Group’s HostSoft8 PMS