Stop Wasting Your Time: Three Tips to Improve Your Hotel’s Communication

Smartphone usage has doubled in the last three years* and with it the number of apps promising to simplify your life. However, there are so many apps to choose from that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and suddenly the purpose of apps seems quite pointless. It’s incredibly inefficient to spend your time switching from one app to the next or scrambling to find an app on one device only to find it on another. Basically, you’re wasting your time.

For hotels this is a problem as inefficiency can lead to dissatisfied guests and lost deals. From social media to in-browser chats, to booking systems and back-office information, it can be a lot to account for. The good news is we have three tips that will change the way you manage your communications and help you regain control of your hotel.

  1. Centralize your social communication
    Nearly all social media apps have an integrated chat function, however it can be hard to keep track of all the messages you receive, leaving many of them unread or with no follow-up. To tackle this issue, we recommend centralizing your communication channels to one single inbox. There are several programs we recommend which will give you a general overview of your communication channels. We suggest:, Front, UIB and Hijiffy.
  1. Integrate a Live Chat for Fast Feedback
    When guests are browsing your website, they want to have answers to questions….fast! It is crucial to always be ready to engage with your potential guests at any time. By implementing a Live Chat on your website, you keep potential guests on your page while giving them great customer service. A Live Chat can also be used for internal reporting such as understanding the most frequently asked questions or the time of day your guests have the most questions, etc.
  1. Streamline Data
    The Hoist Dashboard allows you a complete overview of nearly all Hoist Group products and how they function and interact with your guests. You can anticipate your guests’ needs such as an increase in bandwidth and analyze important metrics and data all in one spot. With a general overview, it’s easy to see what’s working in your hotel and what should be improved on, allowing you to take quick and efficient action to better improve your business.

With these three tips to improve your hotel’s communications we hope that you’ll be on your way to a more streamlined and simplified system that aides in your guest’s journey before, during, and after stay.

*Data found here. 

Isabella Rampino

Marketing Assistant