Sky Select now available with Fusion TV

Hoist Group became officially accredited partner of Sky Select. It is a simple way to deliver unmissable HD content in your hotel rooms. No matter if your current network setup utilizes IP or coaxial cabling, Sky Select, by usage of Sky Bright Box, can be connected to both making the installation simple and low cost.

“With Sky Select hoteliers can choose from 96 satellite channels, including guests’ favourite Sky channels, with seven channels in HD as standard, while also incorporating Freeview and foreign channels distributed over the existing infrastructure. In addition to this, they also have the flexibility to easily swap existing channels or add more to suit their guest profile at any time”, says Andy Kydd, Head of Product for Sky Select.

In the world of growing need for tailored TV content, Sky Select is a perfect product to increase guest experience in your hotel. Would you like to know more?

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