Hotel Service as a System

Behind every great hotel is a well-oiled machine of a thousand different parts, all working in perfect unison to deliver the best service possible to guests. Or perhaps that’s the goal for every hotelier? Perhaps you have the vision and commitment but you’re missing a few integral pieces that can take your hotel from good to truly great. If you want to improve your service and increase guest loyalty, keep reading… we have a few ideas.

Service is defined as “the action of helping or doing work for someone,” which is why service is the foundation of the hospitality industry.  As a hotelier, the service you provide your guests extends into many different areas. From personal service which provides a direct interaction between guests and hotels as well as material service, which is what is easily visible to your guests- cleaning, tidiness, correct signage and information. Service also extends to all systems behind the scenes, to help keep your hotel running smooth and efficiently for your guests.

System service can be attributed to areas such as keeping track of housekeeping, making sure they have cleaned the rooms properly and filled up the minibar, or that the restaurant is aware which guests have allergies, or that reception can easily find bookings. System service relies on many automatic and manual actions and greatly affects both personal and material service. When everything works together smoothly, it provides the optimal opportunity for employees to do their jobs even better. Running a hotel is a big business with many moving parts, so internal communication is key in providing top-notch service.

Good service systems create a great flow in not only internal but external communication, which in turn provides a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests. By choosing service systems that run optimally for your business, you are creating a strong foundation for your hotel, leading to increased loyalty and employee and guest satisfaction. If you’re curious to learn more about systems that can help improve your service, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Monika Otterlei

Marketing Manager Norway