Hotel Owner? You invest in the wrong things!

The pillows in the reception are specially designed by an Italian designer in Morocco, but your booking system shuts down every hour. You have renovated the entire restaurant, but the hotel bathrooms have not been touched for the last 30 years. Are you investing in the right things?

You are not alone in prioritising the wrong stuff when it comes to your hotel, but you might need to reconsider what is most important in order for your investment to pay off in the end. In this blog post, we dig deeper into the primary things you must have in order before you start investing in new things.


No matter what type of hotel you own, service is the most important thing. All hotel guests expect to be treated in an exemplary manner. A hotel stay should make your guest feel ‘home away from home’, which means something as simple as a warm welcome, a friendly face, a genuine thank you and an attentive staff.


Hygiene is your highest priority. Therefore, you must maintain the highest standard of cleanliness. And that goes not only for bathrooms, bedding and public spaces, but also remote controls, light switches, air valves and door handles. Details you perhaps don’t think about too often.


There are hotel guests who believe that the hotel’s security is the main priority for them. Therefore, many hotels offer personal safety for women, children and the elderly when needed. This includes halls, stairwells and parking spaces.


An Internet connection is no longer a benefit, but a necessity. WiFi is expected in all hotels today as well as the best connection and flexibility. Charging for this service or creating difficult sign-in processes will only frustrate your guests. Internet access should be made simple and smooth.

Comfortable beds

The bed is the most important feature for a guest. It’s not uncommon for guests to revisit a hotel based on their experience of how comfortable the bed is. So, invest in really comfortable beds, it will pay off in the long run.

Water in the bathroom

Of course, your hotel guests expect clear and drinkable water from the sink, hot water with the right pressure in the shower as well as a working toilet, without any strange noises or leakage.

Available phone service

There should always be someone in the personnel that can receive a phone call from a hotel guest 24/7. An unanswered call is frustrating for your guest. So, be available!


Poor lighting is a common problem in a hotel. It can be anything from bathroom lamps and bedside lamps to lightning in the parking spaces. This is something that can actually make your guests feel insecure, so be sure to review the functionality and availability of your hotel lighting.


The smell of your hotel is the first thing that meets your guests, which can leave a lasting impression. Many guests are very sensitive to bad smells, which can affect the perception of the hotel’s other qualities and cleanliness. Therefore, be extra careful to investigate the scent of your hotel.

Food and drink available

Of course, not all hotels have their own restaurant or even nearby restaurants, but a simple breakfast adds a lot to your guest’s overall experience. Food quality and availability is something that every hotel should take into consideration.

Once you check this entire list off, you can start investing in new things.