Hoist Technology Group Investing Heavily in Cloud Services

Hoist Technology Group is opening its own hosting centre, available to all its clients in all countries. The hosting centre has a high degree of operational reliability and will strengthen Hoist Technology’s offering within cloud services for the hotel industry.

“We are currently investing millions of SEK to satisfy our customers’ demands for stable, centralised hosting of business-critical applications, such as the property management system. The data centre is built to be accessible around the clock and the hardware we use is among the best on the market. We offer a highly reliable and cost-effective environment that provides our customers with better quality and saves them money,” says John Cidh, Sales & Product Manager, Hoist Cloud, WiFi & IT.

A high-quality Internet connection is critical when it comes to hosting, which is why Hoist Technology is now also offering fibre-optic network, with speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

“This makes us truly unique among suppliers. Our customers just need one phone number, regardless of whether their call is about hosting, applications, communication, or centralised Wi-Fi management,” Cidh explains.

The hosting centre is equipped with intrusion and fire protection systems, redundant emergency power systems and a cooling system. The data centre and the fibre-optic network are monitored around the clock, 365 days a year. The network has built in redundancy and the cables enter the data centre via physically separate routes. Combined, this gives the data centre a very high level of reliability in cases of blackouts, cable breakages, intrusion attempts and sabotage.

Hoist Technology Group’s offering within cloud services includes full responsibility for hosting, support, back-up, monitoring and maintenance of property management systems, back office systems and Wi-Fi solutions.

For more information, please contact:
John Cidh, Sales & Product Manager, Hoist Cloud, WiFi & IT, + 46 8 555 164 00

About Hoist Technology Group
Hoist Technology develops and delivers systems, products and services to hotels and hotel chains on the northern European market. It provides hotel interiors and technical system solutions that improve profitability for hotels, spas and conference facilities. The company was founded in 1994. It is based out of Sweden (HQ), has wholly-owned subsidiaries in Norway, Denmark, Russia, Poland, Finland, the Baltic States and the UK, and also has a purchasing office in China. Hoist Technology Group has annual sales of about €60 million and around 200 employees.