Eight trends within the hotel industry

New exciting and smart solutions pop up in the hotel industry all the time. Let’s get inspired by the latest trends in the hotel world.

1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is one of the top trends within the hotel industry. Today, we can not only manage online bookings with help of AI, but also through, for example, robot receptionists that can greet your hotel guests at the reception.

2. Health and wellbeing

More people take greater care for their health today, which is why this is an increasing demand for hotels. Today, hotels are investing in well-equipped gyms, swimming pools and spas. There are even hotels that offer innovative health programs and focus on serving healthier food. Besides that, we can also see trends in air cleaning, yoga spaces, exercise equipment in the hotel room and even vitamin-based shower water.

3. Eco hotel

People have become more aware of their carbon footprint and are trying to minimise it wherever they are. Eco hotels or eco-friendly hotels will not only welcome more guests, they will also lower their energy consumption and save money.

4. Chatbots

Instead of a customer service rep or receptionist who can answer your potential guests’ questions by phone or email, you can use a chatbot programmed with the hotel’s most common questions and answers, in order to personally guide your visitors on your website.

5. Virtual reality (VR)

Some hotels today offer their potential guests VR glasses where they have the opportunity to “walk into” the hotel and, for example, see what the rooms and restaurant look like.

6. Cast to the TV

Give guests the opportunity to cast their favourite series to the TV in the hotel room with their own phone or tablet – a great way to simplify and make it homier.

7. Voice control

Allow your guest to control the lighting with spoken commands, or ask a hotel-related question straight out in the room and get an answer right away.

8. Sustainability rules

Environmentally-friendly policies have become the norm. Many hotels focus on renewable energy resources, install solar panels and update systems in order to automatically turn the air conditioners and lights off when guests leave their rooms.