Cut Through the Noise with Personalised Guest Amenities

Good and effective communication is more of a challenge now than ever before, with hundreds of different channels competing for attention. Being in the hospitality business, with the growing range of hotels, Airbnbs and B&Bs, you need to stand out in order to cut through the noise.

Personalisation Is The Way to Go

In recent years we have recognised a shift in the industry towards customising the guest’s whole experience, rather than simply providing a room for the night. Offering your guests a personalised stay has become an essential part of increasing guest satisfaction.

A unique and bespoke guest experience could also be the key to strengthening customer loyalty – with a knock-on effect of creating more revenue opportunities and enabling increased margins. Custom designed amenities give your hotel a completely unique line of products with the hotel’s own fragrance, logo and colours. At the same time, these products create a personal atmosphere and become part of the hotel’s marketing and branding.

A Little Piece of You

Add your logo to your guest amenities and every time your guest uses the lotion that they brought from your hotel, they’ll be reminded of the lovely stay they had. Next time your guest is planning a getaway, your hotel will be at the forefront of their mind.

So, personalise your guest amenities and make sure your guests leave your hotel with a little piece of you.

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Annika Rydström, Managing Director Hoist Group Sweden and former Product Manager Hotel Interior and Guest Amenities