Hosting and Cloud Services

We offer to manage the operation of systems and applications and all our own cloud-based systems for you through our own, reliable hosting centre.

Ultra-reliable Hosting Centre

Our hosting centre is equipped with intrusion protection, fire protection, redundant reserve power systems and cooling. The data centre and fibre network are monitored 24/7, all year round. The fibre optics are redundant and are laid in physically separate routes into the data centre. Combined, this gives the data centre a very high level of operational reliability in the event of power failures, cable breaks, intrusion attempts or sabotage.


All Our Systems are Available as Cloud Services

We offer hosting solutions for all our systems. Using the systems as cloud services includes receiving help with operation, back-up and monitoring and means less hardware needs to be installed locally.

Advantages of a hosting solution

  • Only small investments are required when upgrading IT environments because there is no hardware or software to buy
  • Low start-up costs thanks to efficient implementation
  • Reliable operation and high-level security including automatic back-up
  • Low recurring maintenance costs for IT
  • Access your system online
  • Reduced costs thanks to less time spent on managing IT

We Assume Full Responsibility for Operation

When you use our cloud services, the software is installed on our servers and you access the system via secure tunnels over the Internet. This means you avoid installing hardware locally and the maintenance that follows. We take on full responsibility for operation, including handling back-up routines.


Let Your Applications Become Cloud Services

Not only do we offer our own systems as cloud services, but we can also host your applications in our hosting centre.


IT & TV Monitoring

We can offer to monitor your WiFi and networks, servers and other hardware as well as your TV systems. This means we will notify you if anything is out of order and problems can be quickly and easily resolved.

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