Eclipse Connected TV – A TV System Right inside the Set

Our proprietary system for smart TVs is very cost-effective because no set-top box is needed. It works with both IP networks (IPTV) and coaxial networks and operates via a fixed Internet connection or WiFi.

Eclipse Connected as a Marketing Tool

An interactive TV system gives you an additional and convenient opportunity to market your hotel’s services and offers through advertising. Because Eclipse Connected TV has several spots designed for advertising, you can work with local companies, selling them advertising within the system.

Hotel Information and Services for Your Guests

You choose which information and services are available.

  • Hotel information
  • A-Z of the hotel
  • Space for advertising
  • The hotel can send messages
  • Guests can view their bills
  • City Guide (e-concierge)
  • Share media from mobile devices with the TV set
  • Express check-out
  • Wake-up calls
  • Weather
  • RSS flow
  • Electronic programme guide
  • Channels list
  • Ability to receive payment for premium channels

Cloud Service for Easy Use

The Eclipse Connected TV software is installed directly inside the TV set, but all the information is stored in our hosting centre, which means you don’t need a local server at your hotel.

Built-in Content Management System

A content management system is used to manage the information and design within the TV system. It uses the same principle for design and content management, based on templates, just like ordinary web-editing software.

A content management system makes it easy for you to edit content and post advertisements and information, making sure they end up in the right place. One function that simplifies the process lets you produce all the material in advance and then schedule its publication at a time that suits you.

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