Guest Service Portal for Every Device

Provide your guests with customized hotel information and offers anywhere in the hotel. The portal is accessible via both smart TVs and guests’ mobile devices.

Hotel Information and Offers for Guests

Our guest service portal lets you easily give your guests access to hotel information and offers no matter where they are in the hotel. The information is fully customized to suit your guests and their needs

A guest service portal means you no longer need to provide hotel information folders in guests’ rooms. Because it is stored in a single location, updating your information is much easier. You can easily update the portal with new information using the content management system included.

  • Restaurant menus and opening hours
  • Transport information
  • Links to tourist information and flight check-ins
  • Internal streaming for TV channels

Compatible with all devices

The guest service portal serves as a landing page that appears as soon as your guests log on to the WiFi network and can also be used via smart TVs. The interface has a responsive design, which means it adapts to suit the device being used.

  • Smart TV
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet computers
  • Computer

Design to Suit Your Hotel

The guest service portal can easily be customized using colour schemes, images and logos to match your hotel’s profile and to create a visual link between your website and the portal. We help you build your portal from the ground up. After that, you can easily update the content yourself as needed.


Different Information for Different Guests

We offer complete WiFi solutions integrated with the guest portal that, among other features, make it possible to offer guests and non-guests access to different information and offers via the portal. This lets you increase your additional sales by optimizing your marketing to target the right guest group.

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