Minibar PRIMO – Classic Model

A classic minibar is a simple minibar model without a built-in system for adding consumed goods to the guest’s bill. The classic minibar PRIMO has a generous interior and simple, elegant design. It offers consistently low energy consumption and is environmentally-friendly, as all its parts are recyclable.

Minibar PRIMO + Serviator = Semi-automatic Minibar

When the classic PRIMO minibar is used together with Serviator, our cloud service for task management, you get almost the same functionality as comes with a fully-automatic minibar. Consumed goods are automatically added to the guest’s bill after they are reported in Serviator. Staff can easily see what in the minibar needs to be restocked and you receive statistics on which items sell best.

Serviator also gives you a host of other functions that help you optimize your hotel operations and increase service to your guests. Read more about Serviator.

Minibar SmartCube – Fully-automatic Model

This fully-automatic minibar has a built-in system that gives you full control over content, stock and consumption. It is equipped with intelligent infrared sensors and an interface compatible with all common booking systems, which means that goods consumed are added directly to the guest’s bill.
Read more about minibars in our e-shop.

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