Information, Services and Entertainment for your Patients

Eclipse Connected TV offers comprehensive in-room entertainment and services for your patients.

tv-eclipse-connected-hcSpecially developed health care TV solution

Our IPTV interactive TV product range is deployed in over 150,000 hotel rooms in Europe and Middle-East. Eclipse Connected TV uses a revolutionary technology and delivers comprehensive in-room entertainment and services with minimum equipment (no in-room set-top boxes). It is hugely successful in the healthcare market and large hospitals with over 1,500 TV sets installed with Eclipse Connected TV.


Patients’ benefits

  • Very intuitive multimedia portal, specially designed for healthcare environment.
  • One click on-screen access to healthcare services (today’s menu, toiletries and newspapers etc.).
  • Allows the patients to open the TV rights outside of office opening hours.
  • Complete TV channels section with mosaic navigation, sorting per genre, per language and full program guide (EPG).
  • Interactive guide packed with useful information (texts, pictures, dynamic location maps, itineraries and more)

Establishment benefits

  • Can be installed over coaxial, Wi-Fi or ethernet network.
  • No in-room equipment: very cost-effective solution, easy to maintain and with low power consumption.
  • Take full control of your TV portal with our cloud-based CMS.
  • Dedicated interfaces with your IT systems (meal ordering, CRM, etc.) to personalize your services and streamline your workflows.
  • Leverage your revenues through innovative promotional and upselling tools.
  • Go green and get rid of your printing costs.

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