Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hoist Group, we believe it is important to engage in community development and to give back if you can. Therefore, we are engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility work.

For more than two years we´ve worked with the charitable trust “Hand in Hand”. Our current project is a sponsorship of a boarding school for children between 9-14 years in the Thiruvallur district, Tamil Nadu, India. To learn more about our previous project, please read our full Koppampatti story.


Education for all!

Everyone agrees that education is important and child labor is a plague, but several families in India haven´t got much choice. Not putting a child to work means there won’t be enough food on the table for the family. The practice deprives children of their childhood and is harmful to their physical and mental development.

Therefore Hand in Hand has started the Dhamanery Residential Special Training Centre (RTSC) with the sole purpose of identifying children who are school drop outs, migrants, child laborers, never enrolled or irregular school going children, and enroll them in school.


Child Labor Elimination Program (CLEP)

The project started in the Thiruvallur district back in 2007 and as it spread in the adjoining villages, the number of out of school children identified has increased. So far Hand in Hands CLEP program has resulted in 1068 Panchayts (small areas with several villages) declared free of child labor.

The intention is to eliminate child labor and restore children’s lost childhood. To give less fortunate children a chance to catch up on lost education and prepare them to attend full time formal education. The children will also get psychological help and stimulation by physical activities that hopefully will help them in their progress towards becoming happier and more confident individuals.

Read our reports from the Child Labor Elimination Program:

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Child labour elimination program – fifth phase Jun – Sep 2016

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Child labour elimination program – third phase Sep – Dec 2015

Child labour elimination program – second phase June – Aug 2015

Child labour elimination program – first phase May 2015